Persuasive Essay Outline

An outline not only helps the writer organize the primary argument, it also assists one to identify the opposing argument. Discussed herein are a few tips to come up with a good outline for a persuasive essay or choosing the right argumentative essay topic.

  1. Defining the main argument of the essay – clearly stating what is it that you want the reader to believe
  2. Writing the thesis statement – this has to be written at the top of the persuasive essay outline. This is an elaborate sentence that details the argument of the essay
  3. Listing out support statements – here one must include 2-4 supporting statements that form the main arguments of the essay
  4. Quoting examples – write a fact or an example under the above stated arguments to prove the arguments right
  5. Opposing statement prediction – here one must identify/predict the opposing argument for each of the mentioned arguments and write it down under the label of opposing statement
  6. Defending or rebuttal statement – under the opposing argument one needs to write the rebuttal or defending statement to be used against the opposing argument
  7. Concluding statement key – one finally needs to jot down the key to the concluding statement

Once these steps are followed, the persuasive essay outline is ready and based on this outline one can easily write a paragraph each for the arguments stated. A persuasive essay written in such a manner will surely be comprehensive.