Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are great tools to assess a student’s research competency. These types of essays are frequently asked for during internal assessments and awarding of final grades at the end of an academic session, they also serve as a basis of viva voce activities.

Narrowing down on persuasive essay topics middle school can be quite a task for students. This guide should help students to narrow down on the most relevant topics that are simple enough to be developed by middle school students and at the same time give them enough scope for research.

The topics chosen for a persuasive essay need to be such that they allow arguments and rebuttal, the whole purpose of a persuasive essay is to present an idea convincingly thus it needs to have scope for some opposition and questioning. While choosing a topic, care should be taken that the topic is not too global, the reason is that at the middle school level it is better to stick to localized and close to home topics.

Topics like junk food in schools, dress code, and cell phone use on campus and so on are local enough for students to quote examples from and also present case studies; at the same time these topics also allow enough scope for research and inclusion of some basic statistics.

One must remember that there is no right or wrong topic when it comes to persuasive essays. Any topic that is chosen can be presented in a persuasive manner. Wording the topic right also makes a difference.

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